We believe that it is essential to ensure that our pupils eat well throughout the day, which led us to choosing Aden – a world-leading food service company with over 20 years of operational experience in China – as Wellington College’s catering services provider.

All pupils are required to eat school lunches, except for those who have special exceptions, such as religious or medical reasons. Any reason for not being able to eat school lunches will require official documentation and permission from the head of schools. Pupils in year 1 and 2 eat in our main dining hall, with lunch being served to them at the table. Pupils in year 3 and above have in the dining hall and, in addition to lunch, snacks are provided to pupils in Reception and below. Early Years pupils have their own dining room and lunch boxes are provided for the pupils in Reception and below.

Parents are encouraged to provide a healthy and filling mid-morning snack for their child(ren). Please be aware that for health reasons, Wellington endeavors to be a nut-free school and therefore foods containing nuts are not permitted on campus.

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The lunch fee can be settled either annually, termly or by parents making regular top ups at V&A Café on the third floor of the Wellington Sports and Performing Arts Building. Upon a payment being made to Aden, a credit will be registered onto a pupil’s school ID card. Aden is responsible for issuing a fapiao for the lunch fee. Parents can access the School Payment Portal website to check balances and make a request for issuance of an electronic fapiao.

Lunch Fee Table for 2018/2019

in RMB





No. of Lunches

180 days

77 days

50 days

53 days

Set Menu





Pupils need to swipe their school ID cards for daily lunch consumption. Pupils can also spend the credit to purchase snacks during morning break (Senior School only) or after school at the V&A Café. Parents can check the expenditure of their child’s consumption from the online lunch payment system.

If there is any credit remaining on the pupil’s ID card at the end of the academic year, the balance can be carried forward to the next academic year.

The standard daily cost for lunch is RMB32.00 and provides one of the following lunch options:

  • Western or Asian or Mediterranean or noodles Set Menus: one main course dish with meat or fish, vegetables and carbohydrate, one dessert/fresh fruit, one drink, and access to the salad bar;
  • Customised Sandwich Set Menu: one sandwich, one dessert/fresh fruit, one drink and access to the salad bar.

We have food committee that consists of parents and staff representatives. The food committee offers all parties the chance to feedback directly to Aden and regular surveys are taken and acted upon. Pupils also get an opportunity to provide feedback via the student council.



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