School life | Experience Space with year 5

The pupils in year 5 have been studying the concept of space for their latest IPC unit. To display some of their work, the year 5 team put together an amazing display called “Experience Space with year 5”. Inside this display, there are several different projects that the pupils completed which reflect their wide range of learning throughout this topic.


Pupils were able to use their knowledge of space through their English classes. Firstly, they made use of the technical knowledge they had gained to improve the accuracy of their creative science fiction stories, which they wrote, edited, illustrated, and published themselves. Pupils were also able to share their stories with their peers in year 3, which was invaluable practice necessary for honing their skills of presentation and knowledge sharing.  Their final stories have been added to both the display and the school’s library.


Pupils then studied how light behaves, so that they could understand the life cycle of a star. They each created a flip book, chronicling the life cycle of either a sun-like star, a huge star, or a massive star. They had to look up key words and describe what happens at each stage, using both illustrations and words. Through this process, the year 5 pupils learned about nebulae, protostars, main sequence stars, giant red phase stars, planetary nebulae, white dwarfs, and black holes, to name only a few!

Finally, to integrate art into their space experience and end the unit, year 5 made their own nebula in a jar.  Nebulae are the birthplace of stars and have given us some of the most beautiful images we collectively have of space.  Pupils used paint, cotton balls, glitter, water and a lot of patience to create their own interpretation of nebulae. They turned out beautifully and are now glittering in the twinkling lights of the display!


Year 5 had a great time learning about and exploring the outer edges of our solar system.  They spent a lot of time asking questions and pondering the limits of our galaxy and what lies beyond.  Though this unit may have come to an end, pupils will still be able to enjoy their work through their display, and they invite everyone to “Experience Space with Year 5”.


Tia Luker

Year 5 class teacher