The Arts Festival represents a vital opportunity to allow our pupils to explore a wide range of art forms in ways they may have never seen considered before. As with previous years, we hope that the activities put on by our guest artists will encourage pupils to consider the arts with new interests: this week could be the start of a lifelong passion or even an artistic career.

Past Events

Wellington College Arts Festival 2019

28- 31 October 2019
The theme of this year’s Arts Festival is “looking and seeing”. The festival included the entirety of the College (years 1-13) and welcomed over 30 artists drawn from diverse industries such as filmmaking, sound artistry, photography, animation, fashion design, colour therapy, art curation, architecture, theatre and broadcasting.

Wellington College Arts Festival 2018

29 October-3 November 2018

This year, the Wellington College Arts Festival is doing things differently. Instead of focusing on the various processes that take place leading up to a performance, this festival will be structured around a week of rehearsals and workshops, ending in a defining, one-of-a-kind performance which will take place on Thursday 1 November at 2:00pm in the College dome.

Wellington College Arts Festival 2018

26-30 March 2018
The theme of this year’s Arts Festival is ‘jazz’. While the idea of jazz will not run through all the pupil workshops and associated activities, it does provide a coherent spine with sessions on drama, dance and music directly relating to jazz.





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