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You’re never too old to go back to school. Parents are invited to their very own workshop and events, where they can learn, have fun, indulge their artistic side and also get a sense of their children’s experiences during the Arts Festival. (Those who attended Logan’s workshop last year will remember the great time they had.) Join us for one event or better still, the whole day!


Featured presenters:

Logan Murray | Stand-up comedy
Logan is a working comedian, award-winning director, author of Getting Started in Stand Up Comedy and a script consultant for the BBC. During his career he has written for TV and radio. He has appeared on television shows such as Peep Show, People Like Us, London Underground, Channel Four’s History of Swearing, and Jimmy Perry’s radio series London Calling. He has also hosted two children’s TV game shows: Connect Four and Virtually Impossible. He also did all the voiceacting for Dennis the Menace and Gnasher’s TV Show and wrote and presented a late night TV show called Karaoke Fishtank. Logan has directed the stage shows of well-known TV comedians like Greg Davies, Roisin Conaty and Milton Jones. He has also taught comedy at Middlesex University, Essex University, U.C.L. and even the BBC. He also regularly holds highly acclaimed Stand Up courses in London and is acknowledged as one of the best comedy tutors in Europe. 

Andrew Field  | Jazz in Shanghai in the 1930s
Dr. Andrew Field is a scholar of Chinese history and culture, living and working in Shanghai. He has taught Chinese history for the University of Puget Sound, University of New South Wales, and New York University, and has directed study abroad programs for Dartmouth College, CIEE, and Boston University. He is currently the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs at Duke Kunshan University.Andrew is the author of Shanghai’s Dancing World: Cabaret Culture and Urban Politics, 1919-1954 (Chinese University Press, 2010), Mu Shiying: China’s Lost Modernist (Hong Kong University Press, 2014) as well as numerous articles in scholarly journals on modern Chinese cultural and social history. He produced an independent documentary film Down: Indie Rock in the PRC. His latest book is entitled Shanghai Nightscapes: The Nocturnal Biography of a Global Metropolis, 1912-2012 (University of Chicago Press, 2015). 

Nina Jackson | Wellbeing and music
Nina is a highly creative educator and trainer as well as an Apple teacher and works globally to help teachers embrace learning technology, including those working in a SEND environment. Yet it is her work as an international emotional health and wellbeing ‘ambassador’ for which she is currently most in demand. Whether it’s receiving standing ovations from audiences of school leaders or working with children in their classrooms, Nina brings warmth, humanity, honesty and fun to every environment, making a truly lasting impression wherever she goes. She is an Associate Director with Independent Thinking and works across the UK as well as in challenging environments in places such as Ghana, Chile and the Middle East. Her latest best-selling book, Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons: A Compendium of Careful Advice for Teachers, has helped put the ‘fizz’ back into classrooms for thousands of teachers.

Parents’ Timetable Friday 30th March:

8:30-10:30 Stand-up comedy workshop

Logan Murray

11:00-12:00 Talk on Jazz in Shanghai in the 1930s
Andrew Field
12:00-13:00 Children, exam stress and wellbeing in an academic environment

Nina Jackson

14:00 Performances arising from the Arts Festival

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