Thanks to the dedication of both pupils and teaching staff, we are proud to be able to demonstrate that we are one of the highest achieving international schools in China.

Though undeniably important, we strongly believe that delivering an outstanding education is not just about the end exam results; it also involves the fostering of a sense of intellectual curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning. We aim to send inspired adults out into the world, equipped with the skills and independence necessary to thrive at university and beyond.

Academic Results

IB Diploma

The 2019 IB Diploma results were Wellington’s third consecutive set of outstanding outcomes. Our 2019 leavers increased our average IB point score to 36.6, significantly higher than the global average of 29.9. Moreover, our core programme point score also increased to an average of 1.9, markedly higher than the global average of 1.22. Our highest scoring pupil was awarded an incredible 42 points.

Particularly strong outcomes were achieved in literature (English and Chinese), language acquisition and theatre. These outstanding results have enabled our pupils to take up offers to study at world-leading universities, including New York University, The University of Hong Kong and the London School of Economics.

  • All 15 of Wellington’s year 13 pupils were entered for the the full Diploma qualification; all achieved it.
  • The average score for this cohort was 36.5, up from an average of 35.2 in 2017.
  • This is comfortably above the global average of 29.5 points.
  • 3 pupils gained 40+ points
  • Among a number of strong subject performances, all 10 pupils taking French, and Chinese as a foreign language scored 7s (the highest result possible).



The 2019 IGCSE results were Wellington’s fourth set of excellent outcomes. This was the first year working with a mixed economy of CIE grades (A*-G) and Edexcel (9-1). 72% of all 2019 IGCSE grades were grade 9-7, or equivalent A*/A. 92% of all 2019 IGCSE grades were 9-6 or A*-B.

Particularly strong outcomes in modern languages, including Chinese at all levels, together with mathematics and the arts (including music) were evident in the continued broad spectrum success pupils. A number of pupils achieve a ‘clean sweep’ of A* or 9s. The most common grades for Wellington pupils were A*, 9 or 8.

  • There were 34 Year 11 pupils, and 326 exam entries.
  • 47% of all grades were at A* level; this is the most common grade for Wellington pupils, followed by an A.
  • Overall, 75% of all grades were A* or A, an increase on the 66% of A* and A grades achieved during the first and second years of IGCSE examinations at the College.
  • 76% of pupils achieved 5 or more A* or A grades.
  • 38% of pupils achieved 5 or more A* grades.
  • 4 pupils achieved 9 or more A* grades.
  • 96% of all grades were at A* to B, up from 85% in 2017.
  • 99% of all grades were at A* to C, up from 98% in 2017.
  • Among a number of impressive subject performances, all 7 pupils taking IGCSE French achieved A* grades. 100% of pupils taking Maths and Physics achieved grades A* to B, with 94% A* to A in Mathematics and 89% A* to A in Physics.
  • 13 out of the 19 pupils who took all three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) achieved A* grades in all three subjects.



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