Due to the dedication of both pupils and teaching staff, we are proud to be able to demonstrate that we are one of the highest achieving international schools in China.

Though undeniably important, we strongly believe that delivering an outstanding education is not just about the end exam results; it also involves the fostering of a sense of intellectual curiosity and a lifelong passion for learning. We aim to send inspired adults out into the world, equipped with the skills and independence necessary to thrive at university and beyond.

Academic Results

IB Diploma

This June will see the graduation of our first IBDP pupils. Due to their drive and dedication to their studies, we have no doubt that they will be rewarded with excellent results.


Last year we celebrated the exceptional results achieved by our first IGCSE group. The most common grade was overwhelmingly an A*, achieved by 41% of the 180 exam entries, with an A grade the next most common grade.

In 2016, we had 180 entries from 18 pupils:

  • 41% of entries achieved A* grades
  • 66% A* or A grades
  • 88% A*- B grades
  • 95% A*- C grades

Other key measurements include:

  • 39% of pupils achieved 5 or more A* grades
  • 67% achieved 5 or more A* or A grades
  • 94% achieved 5 or more A*- B grades
  • 100% achieved 5 or more A*- C grades

It is worth noting that A* was overwhelmingly the most common grade, followed by the A, B and C grades respectively. Overall, two thirds of exam entries resulted in A*s or As, clearly marking Wellington College International Shanghai as an ‘A* or A grade school’.

There were some exceptional individual subject achievements:

  • 100% of our pupils achieved an A* grade in Mandarin and 88% of all foreign languages entries also resulted in an A*.
  • 72% of pupils claimed an A* in mathematics IGCSE and 80% achieved the top grade in additional mathematics, a higher level course.
  • The majority of our pupils achieved an A* in chemistry.

Outstanding achievement by Wellington College’s pupils was the norm rather than the exception, with most pupils achieving eight or more A* or A grades.



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