The IB at Wellington | Year 12 induction week

Making the transition from IGCSE to the IB Diploma Programme is certainly very exciting, but undoubtedly a daunting prospect for our ambitious year 12 pupils. To help ensure they are best prepared to tackle what lies ahead and to allow them to be as successful as possible, our first week of the school year was an induction week to help do just this. One of our returning pupils, Emmie, reflects on the experience…

Starting the IB felt like starting secondary school all over again. We no longer wear the school uniform but dress according to the standard expected of sixth form; there are different types of tests to get used to, not to mention the whole concept and terminology of the IB; as well as some welcome new faces. At first, I felt very nervous diving into what seemed a whole new world of education, where phrases like ‘looking at universities’ and ‘interviews’ are used. I was a little daunted seeing the long list of tasks that needed to be completed in order to earn the IB Diploma.

However, IB induction week was really helpful for everyone in our year. We were able to begin to come to terms with and appreciate the tasks ahead, understand how to balance our subjects, CAS and other aspects of the core of the IB Diploma, plus our lives outside of school (together with many, many essays…!).

In this first week our teachers talked us through how to tackle, understand, and master the different aspects of the Diploma. We were also pleased to hear from the many other staff at Wellington that are here to support us. They explained their roles in helping us apply for universities and the support that we could seek throughout our sixth form journey. They also let us know they would be a pair of ears to listen, or always available to offer us help and advice.

Throughout the week we had taster lessons in each of our chosen subjects which helped us get to grips with the syllabi and the topics we would cover. We also worked in small groups to prepare short, and a few very funny, presentations about IB myths, de-bunking many of them in the process!

Now two weeks into the regular school routine of IB life, I realise the Diploma isn’t the monster I had imagined; the guidance from induction week really helped me answer any queries I had while putting much of my fears at ease. It has also helped me understand that the IB is not some impossible task that I’ll never complete, but that teachers and students are here to offer support when needed, and despite stretching us, it is going to be an incredibly rewarding journey.

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