Thank you for your interest in Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou. We use OpenApply admissions management to ensure that the admissions process is as smooth, friendly and easy as possible. Our admissions process consists of several clear steps.


Step 1: Submit a ‘Registration of Interest’ and create an OpenApply account

By submitting a registration of interest and creating a parent account, you are starting the admissions process but not yet submitting an application. You will be contacted by a member of the Admissions Department within 48 hours, who will explain more information about the College, and offer assistance with the next steps in the admissions process. Please save your OpenApply account details for future use.

Step 2:  Attend a Parent Information Session

We encourage all parents applying to our school to attend a Parent Information Session. These sessions give us a valuable opportunity to get to know our community members more, and allow parents to gain a deeper insight into Wellington Values and Identity, our vision and mission, and our commitment to a holistic education. When you submit an enquiry and create an account in OpenApply, a member of the Admissions Department will inform you of the next Parent Information Session.

Step 3: Submit an application by completing the Application form in OpenApply

If you have already created an OpenApply account: Log back into the OpenApply account you created when you submitted your registration of interest by clicking the ‘Parent Login button.

If you have not created an OpenApply account before: Submit an application and create an OpenApply parent account by clicking the ‘Apply Now button.

Step 4: Submit the required Application documents

Once you have submitted an application, the next step is to submit all of the required documents. A checklist of required documents can be found in your OpenApply parent account.

Once you have completed these 4 steps, an Admissions Officer will assist you in the rest of the enrolment process, which will consist of a face-to-face ‘Getting to Know You’ meeting, and an observation of your child in a classroom context to assess their suitability for Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou.

If at any stage in this process you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions Department on 0571-8369-7900 or via email at admissions.hangzhou@wellingtoncollege.cn

For a complete break-down of our tuition and other fees, please refer to the ‘tuition and fee summary’, available from the Admissions Office on request once published. The timeline for the publication of the school fee structure is dependent on the Price Bureau’s approval. Therefore, it will be released and published on the website in due course. However, parents may refer to Wellington College International Shanghai’s tuition fee as an indication.


Our tuition fee will be in line with the excellent education model we offer, world class environment in which pupils will learn and the exceptional teachers who will serve our pupils and family.


Additional fees apart from tuition fee will include school meals, uniforms, bus, boarding, excursions and other activities.

Subjects include Mandarin, English, mathematics, sciences, social studies, art, music, PE, design and technology, drama as well as wellbeing/moral and society. Learning via English instruction will comprise typically 50% of curriculum time.
Learning at Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou will provide pupils upon graduation with internationally recognised qualifications that are applicable across the globe. They have equal value in UK, US, Canada and many other countries. Indeed, Wellington College China schools boast an excellent track record of pupils securing places in Ivy league universities in the US along with leading universities in the UK.

All textbooks used are based on curriculum syllabuses. Intellectual is one of the Wellington identities and teachers should never limit their teaching to specific textbooks or texts. However some of the textbooks will be the core reference materials and the local textbooks will be some of them. We will provide a wide range of teaching resources that include textbooks/reference books to enrich pupils’ learning.


As a core aspect of our bilingual curriculum, we will ensure that all of the mandatory textbooks required for pupils to achieve the statutory 9 year education in Hangzhou will be utilised. In addition, well- developed online and other academic resources will be integrated to ensure that pupils receive a well-rounded, holistic education in line with the Wellington educational philosophy.

Typically the school day will begin at 8:00 when pupils will be able to arrive to their classrooms or House rooms and learning will commence. Pupils will have the opportunity to not only follow the core curriculum but also access the wide array of co-curriculum learning experiences on offer at the end of the school day. For many pupils, this will mean that they are in school until 5:00pm.
There will be 2 weeks Christmas holiday, 2 weeks Chinese new year holiday and 7 weeks Summer holiday.
Wellington College and Wellington College China hold a uniquely close relationship at all levels from governance to pupil and faculty exchanges. This allows us to maintain adherence to the Wellington Values and Identity. Wellington College China provides education services to operate Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou. This includes all aspects of the education offered and provided. The close relationship with Wellington College allows for exchange of ideas, professional learning and ensuring we uphold our Values, Identity and the highest quality of education.
Transfar operates as a landlord whereas the school is run by Wellington College Bilingual Hangzhou. Transfar is not involved in the school operation.