Wellington College: A Commitment to Outstanding Services

At Wellington College, we always strive for the best in whatever we do. This attitude and mentality covers all areas of the school, including the services we offer. We aim to provide the very highest levels of outstanding service for each and every one of our families, ensuring that their time at the College is one of happiness, safety and comfort. In line with this, we are very happy to explain some of the services on offer for Wellington College International Hangzhou pupils and families.

Many of the children who come to Wellington College International Hangzhou will opt to ride our bus service. After a long tendering process, Wellington College Hangzhou management team chose Hangzhou New Navigator School Bus Operation and Management Service Co., Ltd  to provide the daily school bus service for both Wellington College International Hangzhou and Huili School Hangzhou. Their team have experience across a range of international and bilingual schools throughout China. Here in Hangzhou, our bus service will operate from more than 50 pickup points across 14 routes, with the aim of maximizing coverage and convenience. Our routes have been designed specifically to reduce ride times and provide the most convenient pick-up and drop-off points to the majority of our families.

Our buses meet or exceed all safety and quality standards, including air purification systems to ensure the health of our pupils as they travel to and from school. Time spent on the school bus should not be wasted. To this end, our school bus vendor will provide a “mobile classroom” service, with educational materials being provided for pupils throughout their daily trips.

Parent convenience is also important, and to that end our bus service is complimented with a mobile app that shows where your child’s bus is, and provides notifications as they get on the bus, and when they will arrive at the stop.

Additionally, each bus is supervised by a locally employed Bus Monitor, who is responsible for pupils’ safety and wellbeing during the journey, as well as managing the children’s behaviour.

A full-time onsite bus manager will monitor the live location and speed of each bus in the network, as well as monitoring the live feeds of the cameras to ensure the safety of the pupils at all times.

In keeping with our dictum, ‘A Proud Tradition: Educating for the Future’, our school uniform follows traditional design elements of the uniforms in Wellington College in England. For the first time, the uniform design is now also standardised across all Wellington College and Huili schools throughout China. All of the uniforms are strictly quality tested and sourced from  Halfrin,a high-quality school uniform vendor with 16-years experience producing uniforms for international schools and other schools throughout China.

There are two ways to buy school uniforms: through our online uniform shop or at our on-campus school uniform store. Our uniform store also provides services such as refunds, replacements, repairs and so on. The online uniform shop is already live online , and our Services Team have been contacting families to provide them with the unique access code used to purchase their uniforms. The first purchases will all be delivered to the campus, for testing during the Orientation Day on August 23rd. Future purchases can be delivered directly to your home, or to the school uniform shop.

We believe that it is essential to ensure that our pupils (and staff) eat well throughout the day. This led us to choosing Sodexo, a world-class caterer, again through a rigorous tendering process, to cater for all onsite food and beverages. This includes the staff and pupil canteens, the V&A café and other cafeteria’s throughout the campus. Sodexo will provide fresh and nutritionally balanced food for pupils and staff every day, and are represented in Hangzhou by their professional catering manager and nutritionist, who are in residence to control food quality. The whole Sodexo team are committed to provide the very best food and beverage services to all members of the Wellington College International Hangzhou community.

An important note to all parents: Wellington College International Hangzhou is a nut-free school. Allergies to nuts can be life-threatening, and as we are committed to providing a safe school environment for all of our pupils, we will not allow pupils to bring nuts to school. Naturally, nuts will not be served by our catering provider. If your child has any special demands or food allergies, please be sure to provide this information in the medical information forms you submit to the admissions department upon enrolment. This information will be shared with the school Medical Centre, who will follow up with parents individually.

If you have any questions related to school services, please feel free to contact our Services Team at services.wcih@wellingtoncollege.cn.