The Wellington Academy Programme is officially launched in Hangzhou and will open to pupils in September

On 15th June 2018, Mr. Paul Rogers, Founding Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, announced the official launch of the Wellington Academy Programme in Wellington College International Hangzhou. It will welcome pupils this coming September.

At the launch ceremony, Mr. Rogers and Mr. Carlton Palmer, Director of Wellington Academy, signed the official partnership framework, witnessed by Dr. Ahmed Hussain, Senior Director of Academics for Wellington College China, Mr. Simon Ruscoe-Price, Director of Academics (English) for Wellington College China, along with a group of parents of future Wellingtonians from Wellington College International Hangzhou  and Huili School Hangzhou. This signals that Wellington Academy in Hangzhou will provide extra-curricular courses with the same high-quality teachers and facilities as the Wellington schools in Tianjin and Shanghai.

The Wellington Academy Programme will provide programmes to pupils from the of age 3-18 at Wellington College International Hangzhou and Huili School Hangzhou, as well as the wider public. The Wellington Academy offers a variety of programmes in sports, the performing arts, academics and languages. Those initially on offer in Hangzhou will include English, French, swimming, synchronized swimming, mad science, lego, boxing, football, and floorball. The Academy programme is a paid service (and therefore optional) that further extends the holistic offering at the school.

At the ceremony, Mr. Rogers said, “I am very pleased to see that Wellington Academy has arrived in Hangzhou. This means that, like our sister schools elsewhere in China and globally, we provide programmes that support the specialisation of pupils’ interests and really extends them further beyond the school day. As with all Wellington College schools, the Wellington values and identities form the heart of our holistic education.
Our Wellington vision is for pupils to become intellectual, independent, inspired, individual, and inclusive. This is based on a model of holistic education and pastoral provision that promotes the values and develops the knowledge needed to be an effective global citizen. The Wellington College tradition is to provide challenging, invigorating, and enjoyable learning opportunities, featuring academic excellence and a wide range of co-curricular activities such as sport, arts, and music. I am confident that with the superior facilities and faculty of the Wellington Hangzhou campus, we will provide the best Wellington Academy programmes to fulfill this vision.”


Dr Ahmed Hussain, Senior Director of Academics Wellington College China 

In explaining the holistic approach to education, Dr Ahmed Hussain said, “The Wellington Academy programme offers existing pupils and the wider public enhanced extra-curricular opportunities to develop all aspects of each child. Our leading coaches, the very best teachers, and outstanding performance allow pupils to develop to the fullest. In addition to physical activities, The Wellington Academy Programme also offers unique opportunities in the performing arts, which along with the arts in general are essential for promoting creativity. We know creative thinkers are good problem-solvers, and that creativity and performance help develop language and confidence. These are essential in assuring the success of people academically and in life beyond pure scores,” The Wellington Academy programmes are overseen and led by world class coaches and teachers. The Academy team is led by former Premier League and England football player Carlton Palmer and is supported by former professional artists from the stage and screen in London, New York, and beyond, as well as international-class sports coaches in tennis and swimming.

Carlton Palmer, Director of Wellington Academy 

Carlton Palmer has been the Director of Wellington Academy since 2014. Commenting on the benefits of sports, arts activities, and language studies in building children’s character, he said, “Pupils gain the advantage of quality training to progress their chosen activity such as football or tennis and improve their reading and writing. We have English classes, creative writing, debating and phonics. We require discipline, respect, hard work, and dedication. These are the aspects they will learn. We aim to teach them all of these things, so they understand the meaning of the word ‘Team’, have the discipline to succeed in sport and in daily life.” Scientific studies show that physical activity has a significantly positive impact on learning, cognitive development, and overall brain function. For example, physical activity increases circulation and oxygenation of the brain, which is important for brain function. In addition, exercise improves focus and concentration. It releases adrenaline, the hormone associated with energy and the feeling of happiness and well-being, but which is also vitally important for concentration and problem solving.

Simon Ruscoe-Price, Director of Academics (English) Wellington College China 

Led by Mr. Simon Ruscoe-Price, the Wellington Academy Language Programme gives children the chance to make sustained progress in English within the internationally recognized Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR). The Wellington Academy Language Passport tracks and monitors the progress of an individual pupil and set targets for their next steps in the language learning journey. Simon Ruscoe-Price stated that “Our programme provides children the opportunity to reinforce , extend and apply English in a purposeful and engaging environment. At the heart of this is that language develops self-confidence, is enjoyable and should inspire children with an absolute desire to learn, to improve, and to be the best they can when communicating their ideas.”

The Wellington College Hangzhou campus covers over 74,000 square metres and comprises state-of-the-art facilities that afford pupils access to the very best academic and co-curricular opportunities. The appearance and design of the building are inspired by the distinctive architecture at the Wellington College in England. The outstanding interior design and construction team, who previously worked on Wellington schools in Tianjin and Shanghai, are building the very best in educational facilities in Hangzhou. The school’s science laboratories, the art rooms, and the design technology suites are designed, first and foremost, to encourage enjoyment in both practical and theoretical work. They also provide that extra level of creativity and ambition that great scientists, artists, and designers strive for and ultimately achieve. The sport facilities are second to none, with the sports hall, football pitch, a 400-metre all-weather synthetic running track, basketball and badminton courts, and two swimming pools, including a 25-metre, six-lane competition pool. In addition to boasting excellent sports facilities, the Performing Arts Centre caters for Wellington’s musicians, dancers, and thespians, with dedicated practice rooms, a dance studio, the Black Box theatre, and the College theatre with a capacity of 560 seats. Few schools in the world are blessed with the resources available at Wellington College Hangzhou; all designed to support a wide-ranging co-curricular activities programme, both after school and at weekends.