The Wellington Community Celebrates Together

On Friday, June 21st, the Wellington College International Hangzhou community came together to celebrate a hugely successful founding year, at the Friends of Wellington End of Year Party. This was a community event led and prepared by our parent-teacher association, the Friends of Wellington; and in keeping with our close-knit community spirit this was an occasion to celebrate; not just for parents and teachers, but also for children.

Throughout the first year, our founding parents have been a constant source of support and encouragement. They have been extremely positive over the course of the year, and have contributed in fantastic ways, whether it be through event support, sharing ideas, or even just attending the school on a regular basis to help build links with our community.

Below, let’s take a look at some fantastic memories from this occasion.

If you would like to join our close-knit, vibrant and inspired community, don’t hesitate to contact the admissions department to arrange a campus tour. The admissions team will be hosting regular tours and information sessions throughout the summer months.


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