Summer Transition Videos

Summer Transition Videos allow pupils to gather an insight into the next academic year’s learning along with the skills required to succeed in a fun and engaging way.

Summer Transition Videos

Wellington College International Hangzhou believes in a holistic educational curricular that builds around the Wellington Values and Identities and part of that is to enable our pupils to feel stimulated and challenged, ready for the next stage in their educational journey.

To help with this process we have devised a 5-week educational course for all our existing and new pupils that centre around the core subjects of English and mathematics.

Each course has 5 individual video lessons delivered by our outstanding teaching staff. Pupils are to click onto the links provided to download the video and the supplementary PowerPoint presentation to access the lessons. For example, if your son/daughter is currently in Year 7 and is moving into Year 8 in August, please select the lessons for ‘Year 7-8’.

Our Summer Transition Videos gives the opportunity for our pupils to continue their learning outside of the classroom. We believe these lessons will inspire curiosity and creativity and will empower pupils to become independent, self-aware and confident, preparing them for the next stage of their educational journey, and laying the foundations for academic success in the future.