Summer Carnival is Coming, Are You Ready?

The inaugural Wellington College Hangzhou Summer Carnival is almost here. Get ready for a day of dazzling entertainment and fun for young and old. We look forward to seeing you on June 1st!

Map and booth details are as follows:

How do I check in?

Please prepare the QR code in advance for admission.

How will the Carnival work?

Most of the games, activities and rides throughout the campus will be purchased using Carnival Tokens in denominations of 5RMB or 10RMB.

What if it rains?

While we are all keeping our fingers crossed for good weather, we have a plan B in case of rain. Most of the attractions can be hosted either outdoors or indoors. The Summer Carnival will be a day of fantastic fun – rain, hail or shine!

Can I park on campus?

There is no parking on campus. We encourage attendees to come by taxi.

Anything else?

Please don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

Bonus Activity

On the day of the event, you can use any style of children’s toy car to exchange an AMR Vantage GTE 1:32 alloy toy car at the Aston Martin booth. Aston Martin will donate these toy cars to the Children’s Rehabilitation Center for the rehabilitation and treatment of autistic children. Only 10 places available, first come first served!

Get yourself ready for a memorable day! There will be many more attractions to surprise and delight attendees on the day. Welcome to the first inaugural Wellington College Hangzhou Summer Carnival on Saturday, June 1st, 2019!