Starting your new journey with Wellington

Welcome back to all Wellingtonians. Today was the first day back to school for all pupils. It was great to hear them sharing their exciting summer holiday stories, and to see our new Wellingtonians so quickly adjusting to the new environment with the help of their classmates and teachers.

On Monday 19th August, an Orientation Day was arranged for all the new Wellingtonians and their parents who are joining Wellington College International Hangzhou in the 2019 – 2020 academic year. It was a delightful opportunity for the Senior Leadership Team, teachers and staff to meet and greet all the new pupils and their parents, and for all to see how quickly the school is growing after just one year.

The afternoon started with a warm welcoming speech by the Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, Mr. Paul Rogers, followed by an overall school introduction from the Principal of Wellington College International Hangzhou, Ms. Kathryn Richardson. After, led by the homeroom teachers and tutors, pupils had a chance to envision the journey ahead of them through a caring, positive and inclusive campus tour and classroom experience designed particularly for each year group.

Below is a selection of photos to commemorate Orientation Day.

The Wellington curriculum is rigorous and challenging, having been designed to meet the needs of each individual by giving a breadth of educational experience and academic depth. Learning will inspire curiosity, creativity and compassion in all our pupils. We will empower pupils to become independent, self-aware and confident, laying the foundations for academic success at IGCSE and beyond, as well as making them effective and responsible leaders of the future.

If you would like to learn more about Wellington College International Hangzhou and learn what makes a Wellington education special, contact the admissions department to arrange a campus tour.


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