Sherry Xiao

Sherry joins Wellington College International Shanghai after ten years of successful international school teaching. She has acted as the Mandarin coordinator for a junior school and as a senior school Mandarin teacher. She specialises in teaching Chinese to pupils to develop a solid foundation of the language, but is equally experienced with teaching native speakers. Sherry has prepared many pupils for both GCSE and IGCSE examination success, and has played an active role in curriculum design and the organisation of a charity program to support migrant schools.

Sherry graduated from East China Normal University in 2004, majoring in Teaching Chinese Language as a Foreign Language. She then went on to gain an MA in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages at Fudan University. Sherry is a certificated Chinese teacher of teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, recognised by EDI in the UK and also by International Association for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in the USA. An avid writer, Sherry has won many Chinese writing competitions during her studies.

Outside the classroom, Sherry has a passion for art and handicrafts. She has practised drawing and water-colour painting for more than twelve years and she maintains a keen interest in the reading, visual arts, films and theatre.