Michael Dunsmore

Michael Dunsmore studied mathematics at Strathclyde University. While at university, Michael also studied French for three years and German for a year. Before coming to Wellington, Michael worked at Dulwich College Shanghai for two years and prior to Shanghai he worked in the Scottish state sector for ten years.

Michael remarks upon how Wellington has a great name and tradition of excellence in academics, sports and the arts. The College is a new school and he has relished the opportunity to get in at the beginning of its journey and help shape the future of mathematics here. It is a rare chance to work at a school that is in its infancy, but is already being viewed as a potential market leader. Michael considers the pupils to be very polite and pleasant and he is keen to have the opportunity to help them realise their potential. Michael looks forward to working closely with the school community and watching the College go from strength to strength.

Outside of the mathematics classroom, Michael is interested in tennis, badminton, football and skiing. He likes to escape by watching nature programs, especially about snakes. He also indulges in some trash TV, such as KUWTK.