John Macrow

John Macrow has degrees in history and archaeology from Newcastle and US studies from UCL in London. John did graduate work in international relations at LSE, worked for the research department of the UK Foreign Office and then made the decision to train as a humanities and social science teacher, a decision he has never regretted.
John began his teaching career as a humanities teacher in the first purpose-built community school in West London. John spent 20 years working in West London, mostly as a head of humanities, teaching a range of subjects including history, geography, law, psychology and sociology across the age ranges. He gained a lot of experience in UK university applications as John mostly worked with examination level pupils and was responsible for their references and oversaw their applications.

John’s first experience of international education was in 2008 at Colombo International School in Sri Lanka, where he worked as a university counsellor, head of sixth form and head of geography. This gave John an introduction to international applications, in particular the US and Australia. John moved to Dulwich College Shanghai in 2011 as a careers and university counsellor and the four years he spent at Dulwich gave him a wealth of experience of university applications worldwide. John would expect pupils at Wellington to apply to the same extended range of courses and countries as Dulwich pupils and is looking forward to working with them and helping them through the process.