Eric Wang

Eric Wang graduated from the University of Science & Technology in Beijing with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and was also educated at Jining Normal University, majoring in musicology. He has a primary school music teacher qualification certificate, theater management and stage related technology qualification certificate. He loves education and is willing to devote himself to it. He has more than 12 years working experience in stage operation management and arts operation management. Before Eric joined the Wellington family, he worked at Suzhou Culture and Art Center.

As an enthusiast of arts, Eric has had global footprints in many famous theaters around the world, including the United Kingdom, Singapore, Poland, Taiwan China and Mainland China. After joining the Wellington family, he has been determined to make great contributions in improving the school theatre processes. He believes that perfect technological equipment is educational, and will provide pupils with guidance in future studies, which will be a great help to make pupils positive, confident and happy.