Charlie Robinson

Charlie joins Wellington Shanghai to teach Art, a subject he has been passionate about from a very early age. He was an Art Scholar at Harrow School, England, and went on to spend a year at Leith School of Art, Edinburgh, followed by four years at The Florence Academy of Art in the heart of Renaissance Italy. This was Charlie’s first experience living abroad. He quickly discovered the enviable features of Italian culture and explored the region as much as possible. Charlie has since enjoyed many teaching and professional experiences within the art world. He specialises in drawing and oil painting but has a very broad interest in the visual arts and visits art galleries and exhibitions regularly.

Charlie is currently teaching at Radley College, England, having previously held the position of Artist in Residence at Harrow International School, Hong Kong, where he helped set up the Art Department during the school’s first year. This was again an opportunity for Charlie to experience a new location and culture and to discover how the interest in and understanding of Western Art is rapidly developing in Asia. The change from Cantonese to Mandarin as the local language will be a challenge he is looking forward to! He feels immensely privileged to have been offered another position working in a new school and can’t wait to become part of such a talented team.

Charlie writs: “I am thrilled to be part of this exciting new venture, working in an impressive and dynamic new school in such an amazing location. Having always been fascinated by Shanghai, I believe both its history and recent development will inspire many projects within the Art Department which will help establish us as a recognized centre of excellence within Wellington College and beyond.”