Beejesh Deva

Beejesh started and developed his career as a chemistry teacher at The Rodillian Academy in South Leeds. The four years he spent there led him to develop an in-depth knowledge and interest in pedagogy. This has led to his most recent role as science intervention coordinator, in which he designed a scheme from scratch to enable struggling learners to achieve their full potential.

Beejesh’s formal education took place at Leeds University in West Yorkshire where he completed his degree in biochemistry. A passion to learn more about life on a molecular level led him to complete an MSc degree in bioscience. His passion for science progressed into a role as an experimental officer in protein immuno-chemistry for a major international contract research company. Eventually it became clear that his passion for science could not be contained in the lab and his true calling was inspiring the next generation of young scientists.

His learning in the sciences has given him a keen insight and curiosity into life and it has been his philosophy and goal to develop this in the minds of all the learners that enter his classroom. Beejesh hopes to inspire the great international scientists of the future and is greatly enjoying the challenges of bringing an innovative chemistry curriculum to life.