Sports Day 2019

On Monday November 4th, we held our annual Sports Day. We were lucky with the weather, with the sun shining all afternoon. The event started with the opening ceremony for all five houses. With eager anticipation of an exciting competition, the budding athletes paraded around the pitch as their parents cheered them on.

Throughout the afternoon the pupils in Years 1-8 participated in a variety of individual athletic events such as sprinting, distance throws and jumping. They finished by competing with their houses in team sports. The younger pupils showed an amazing performance in the sack and 3-legged races while the older pupils competed in the 4 x 100 relay and tug of war.

Teams were awarded points for the various events. Athletes earned points for their teams by finishing first, second or third in the events. Combermere were the victors with the highest total house performance points. Athletes were also awarded points for displaying Wellington’s Valiant Values. Wellesley proved to be the most valiant on the day!

Overall, the event was fantastic, with the pupils performing brilliantly. They displayed determination, perseverance and a tremendous amount of effort.