Sports Day 2018

This year’s Sports Day was a fun and relaxing event that provided a great opportunity for this budding community to come together and celebrate our unique identity and solidarity with the Wellington College family of schools!We  were  blessed  with  perfect  weather  for  our  first  ever  Sports  Day,  where  every  single  pupil  had  the  chance  to  compete.  We  began the day with what will now be our traditional opening ceremony for all five houses. The pupils and staff were applauded by the visiting parents as they entered the arena for what was a great day. There were two separate competitions, with Year 1 and 2 competing together in the first round, and Years 3 to 6 competing in the second round. The star performers were Jonas Houghton (The Combermere) and Kohana Armstrong (The Picton).All five houses came together for some fun relays at the end of the event and it was inspiring to see the pupils putting in so much effort for their house. It was very close this year but the valiant value cup went to The Benson.