Senior School

“In Senior School we treat our pupils as young adults. We give them the freedom and latitude to explore new approaches, take qualified risks and ultimately take command of diverse elements of their learning, consistently challenging them along the way. It is extremely gratifying to see them take responsibility and rise to the challenge so consistently.”

Eleanor Prescott, Principal

Senior School

In the Senior School, our principal objective for all pupils is to inspire curiosity, creativity and compassion. We aim to enrich our pupils’ lives with an enjoyment and understanding of our global scientific, linguistic and cultural heritage, while also empowering them with the knowledge, skills and independence of mind to make them effective and responsible leaders of the future.

In Years 10 and 11, pupils work for IGCSE in a wide variety of subjects. Some, such as English, mathematics and a combination of sciences, are core subjects; while others are optional. This provides our pupils with ten or more IGCSEs. This builds on the solid foundation developed during their time in year 9. In the sixth form (Years 12 and 13) all pupils study the International Baccalaureate diploma programme (IBDP). This is the world’s premier university entrance qualification. The IBDP entails all sixth formers studying six subjects drawn from six groups, with three taken at higher level. However, the IBDP is much more than a series of academic subjects.

The unique features of CAS (creativity, activity, service), the extended essay and TOK (the theory of knowledge) ensure that pupils are fully aware of their community responsibilities, are encouraged to develop their research skills and become independent thinkers. The underlying philosophy is that pupils should share an academic experience which emphasises critical thinking, intercultural understanding and an exposure to a variety of viewpoints. Everybody at Wellington College has high expectations of ourselves and our pupils; we insist that working hard, and intelligently, must always be the basis of success. We also know that learning is most rewarding in a community that is lively, co-operative, curious and tolerant. To remain such a community is the ultimate and perpetual challenge for everybody in the Senior School.

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More information on the details of the programme and the courses on offer can be found in the IGCSE Options Booklet


Senior School


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