SAVE THE DATE! Summer Carnival on Saturday June 1st

Roll up! Roll up! The inaugural Wellington College Hangzhou Summer Carnival is almost here. Get ready for a day of dazzling entertainment and fun for young and old!


Saturday, June 1st

10:00 to 16:00

As this year’s Summer Carnival falls on Children’s Day, the day is dedicated to providing a dazzling array of games, activities, carnival rides and food that will appeal to all attendees, young and old.

In line with the Wellington commitment to inclusivity and public service, proceeds from the Summer Carnival will be used to support worthy causes, including Smile for Mothers, and the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Charity Federation.

Smile for Mothers is a charity that provides free medical assistance to underprivileged children with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities. Since their first project in May 1990, Smile for Mothers has organized over 175 medical charity events covering impoverished regions in over 30 provinces, and as a team, they have traveled over a million kilometers. As of now, over 17,000 volunteers have volunteered over 500,000 hours on their projects, providing free operations and relevant medical services to 31,860 children from low-income families.

The Hangzhou Xiaoshan Charity Federation, which was established in 2002, and acts as a public social welfare group. With 32 branches, the Hangzhou Xiaoshan Charity Federation carries out its activities under the guidance and supervision of the civil administration bureau and actively supports vulnerable social groups, provides emergency aid and manages donations from all sectors of society.

The Friends of Wellington and Friends of Huili, our parent-teachers associations, will also be actively supporting the event to raise funds for future school development projects.

There will be a range of activities to entertain children and adults of all ages. Examples of some of the activities on offer include;

  • Horse riding
  • Numerous bouncy castles
  • VR machines
  • Velcro jumps
  • Bungee trampolines
  • Merry-go-round
  • Ball-pit jungle gym
  • Tests-of-skill
  • Art training
  • Face painting
  • Obstacle courses
  • Robotics
  • And many, many more…

To ensure that bellies remain full and satisfied, we will also be joined by a wide range of food booths, including many of your favourite restaurants including;

  • Western fish and chips, pizza and fried chicken
  • Indian
  • Spanish
  • Middle eastern
  • Chinese
  • Healthy fruit options
  • Dessert, drinks and cupcakes
  • And for the adults, we will be joined by Shares Bar to provide refreshments
While the children are playing, parents will have the opportunity to browse the shopping strip, which will include booths from our Carnival Exhibitors selling all kinds of wonderful products.
Throughout the day, attendees will be wowed by entertainment on the performance stage, recorded by the Wellington College Hangzhou Dukebox! Some of the entertainment on offer will include;

  • Performances by the staff band
  • Individual and group performances by pupils
  • Orchestra
  • Pop ‘n’ lock
  • Ballet
  • Early Years Sing-alongs
  • Catwalk
  • Live coverage by the Dukebox team

How can we attend?

In order to manage attendance levels, we do require each attendee over 1 year old to purchase a ticket to the carnival. Tickets cost just 20RMB.

The event will be held at the Wellington College Hangzhou campus, at 2399 Xuezhi Road, Xiaoshan.

To buy your tickets, please click here.

How will the Carnival work?

Most of the games, activities and rides throughout the campus will be purchased using Carnival Token in denominations of 5RMB or 10RMB. When you arrive at the Carnival, head over to the Token Booth to buy your tokens using WeChat Pay or Alipay.

What if it rains?

While we are all keeping our fingers crossed for good weather, we have a plan B in case of rain. Most of the attractions can be hosted either outdoors or indoors. The Summer Carnival will be a day of fantastic fun – rain, hail or shine!

Can I park on campus?

There is no parking on campus, so those who drive will need to park in the designated parking spots on the roads surrounding the school. We encourage attendees to use car-pooling or come by taxi.

Anything else?

Get yourself ready for a memorable day! Please don’t forget to bring sunscreen. Of course, all of the entertainment, games and food options listed here are just a beginning. There will be many more attractions to surprise and delight attendees on the day. All of the team at Wellington College Hangzhou are excited to announce that our inaugural Summer Carnival will be held on Saturday June 1st 2019 to celebrate Children’s Day.