Round Midnight Theatre Workshop

On Thursday, November 8th, Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils were given a unique opportunity to work with two theatre experts from England. Round Midnight is an acclaimed theatre education company that has partnered with Wellington College for many years. This year, Wellington College International Hangzhou and Round Midnight began a partnership where pupil could experience working with high level professionals in a theatre context. This ongoing partnership will provide an annual workshop for pupils that will build on their performing arts learning and give them the opportunity to extend their experiences in new ways.

Theatre education has a myriad of benefits for pupil. It develops pupils physically, emotionally, socially and linguistically. It encourages imagination, empathy, cooperation, concentration and important communication skills in English. Led by Claire Downes, a theatre educator with an impressive background in film, TV and casting and Sami Cornick, an award-winning playwright and theatre educator with a First Class BA in Drama; pupils participated in 90 minute sessions designed to reinforce the Wellington values through improvisation and theatre games.

Pupils were challenged to create their school environment through improvisation exercises. Then they were led into exercises in which they explored ways to show the values of courage, integrity, kindness, respect and responsibility through drama tableaus. And finally, they created a physical representation of their House logos. The culminating activity involved every pupil becoming part of a dragon. In order to create their masterpiece, pupils had to collaborate with intelligence, imagination and creativity. And they rose to the challenge! A sinuous, fire-breathing dragon was made by each class. However, every dragon had unique components showing the pupils’ ability to think in innovative ways to reach a common goal.

We were so proud of our pupils. They participated with energy, appreciation and a willingness to try new things. The results were amazing and proved that our pupils are on a remarkable and creative path.