Learning pathway in secondary: English

What makes secondary school at Wellington College International Hangzhou so special? 

At Wellington College International Hangzhou, our Key Stage 3 curriculum adheres to an adapted version of the Secondary School National Curriculum of England. The content of the National Curriculum focuses heavily on developing the essential knowledge and skills the pupils require as they work towards their IGCSE examinations and ultimately within adult life. The National Curriculum considers English, Maths and Science ‘core’ lessons and as such more time during the weekly timetable is devoted to teaching these subjects.

In this article, Mr. Samuel Tucker, Year 8 tutor and English teacher, offers a brief overview about the English subject covered in Key Stage 3.

In all, our English course is one that not only enables pupils to take a first language IGCSE English examination, but also provides them with the confidence to communicate their ideas on the world around them.