Insights | Parent involvement in pupils’ learning journey

At Wellington College International Hangzhou we highly value our parents contribution to the school and the wider community. This can be through operations and logistics such as school governance, through our Friends of Wellington society or even as a general supporter of our school events. During the global pandemic, communication to pupils and parents was a high priority. Whilst the college endeavoured to provide an excellent communication service, we missed the connections that face to face meetings provide. We are pleased to be able to return to a time when parents are able to re-join us in school for meetings and discussions. I firmly believe an open dialogue between parents and school staff always leads to a positive relationship and understanding.

But what about the dialogue between parents and the learning journey of the pupils when they are at home? It is quite common, as our pupils’ progress through to the older year groups, that they become more reclusive and change in their behaviour. Aligned to this is the increased progression in class work that some parents are not able to access due to a language barrier. How can parents help to support and involve themselves in this instance? Firstly, I would suggest trusting the rigorous process of school academic assessments and reporting. Secondly, I would request that both parents and pupils attend Parent Teacher Conferences. The open dialogue these events offer allow both parents and pupils leaving the conference feeling empowered in how to progress. As for daily parental routines, our older year groups have a homework timetable, and all homework is placed onto Microsoft Teams. This allows parents to monitor the homework alongside helping pupils to organize themselves to achieve the submission deadlines. The move from reliance to independence is a difficult journey for all pupils, but one that is necessary for pupils to thrive at IGCSE examinations.

This academic year we are providing parents with more opportunities to be part of the learning journey by increasing the number of Parent Teacher Conferences alongside our usual commitment to providing open days, meet the teacher and curriculum evenings. All of these are designed to help build upon the existing trust between the college and our parents. As our oldest pupils lead towards our first set of IGCSE results, opportunities to discuss optional subject choices and the future pathway for pupils into higher education will be available.

At Wellington College International Hangzhou we strive to give our pupils the very best of an international and British education and we are excited to bring the parents along on the journey.