Happy Teachers’ Day

In this remarkable occasion of Teachers’ Day in China, we would like to say “Happy Teachers’ Day” to all teachers in Wellington College Hangzhou. It is a day for us to pay gratitude to all educators for their dedication and commitment to supporting the growth and wellbeing of our pupils.

Celebrations commenced as soon as staff arrived at school this morning. A nutritious breakfast had been prepared for each member of staff, served by members of the Senior Leadership Team, which has become an annual tradition at the school.

Today is also the anniversary of Wellington Group China, so we commemorated that today, too. Ms. Joy Qiao, the founder and Chair of Governors for Wellington College China, came to Hangzhou and observed the special occasion with our teachers and pupils.

At the Townhall Meeting this afternoon, Ms. Joy Qiao said, “In every sector they would say people are the most important asset. I would say this is especially true in the education sector. So we have taken a lot of strategic initiatives in terms of investing in, developing and supporting our staff.”

Wellington pupils expressed their gratitude to teachers by showcasing various talents in the morning assembly.

Mr. Jason Billows, Director of Sports for Wellington College Hangzhou, was invited to present at a start-up ceremony prior to the coming Asian Games in 2022 organized by the Xiaoshan government.

Recently, Mr. Paul Rogers, Executive Master of Wellington College Hangzhou, was awarded the title of Qianjiang Friendship Ambassador for foreign experts in Hangzhou for 2020. It is the highest tribute to foreign experts presented by Hangzhou municipal government for their outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of the city.

We recognise these honours as an acknowledgment and encouragement to all teaching staff in Wellington College Hangzhou, an exceptional present on Teachers’ Day. The best gift for teachers is, of course, to see pupils grow and thrive happily!