Hangzhou Living Guide | Explore Hangzhou with Wellington

Relocating to a new city is always full of excitement, but perhaps also anxiety when learning to navigate an unfamiliar environment. For expatriate families especially, moving to a new city can be the start of an adventurous journey in a strange country.

Have you ever worried about what the new city looks like and which area you should live in before relocating?

Have you ever been concerned about finding access to medical care, especially clinics or hospitals with English-speaking nurses and doctors?

Have you ever been curious about where to find the latest news once you have settled down?

And many other questions…

As an international school, we understand how challenging it can be for a new expatriate family to integrate into life overseas. Whether you are a pupil, parent or new staff member we would like to make you feel as welcome as possible in your new community.

As part of working towards fulfilling that commitment, we have developed an English WeChat Mini-app programme called ‘Hangzhou Community Guide’ to help you to settle in Hangzhou and explore this amazing city together with other community members.

This community-generated programme is just in its infancy, which is why we are asking for your help in contributing. Whether it is general feedback, a specific comment on a certain function, or a listing you would like to add to this programme, your valuable ideas and input are warmly welcomed. We hope you will consider helping us to create a guide that is useful for all arriving families.

We hope you enjoy using the Wellington Community Guide. We are looking forward to exploring this city with you!