eLearning: Keeping a Learning Community Connected

The bond between teachers and their pupils is a very special one. Whether it be for only one school year or for longer, teachers build a level of trust and support for children that can be remembered for the rest of their lives. We all have a special teacher we remember many years into the future. At such a difficult time like this, with the stress and uncertainty of the COVID-19 virus and the quarantine regulations required, maintaining those connections between pupils and teachers is critical. Seeing the joy as a child’s face lights up when they see their teacher, even if only via the internet, is testament to the bonds they have built.

For the past few weeks, Wellington College International Hangzhou pupils have been maintaining those relationships, as well as their academic progress, by taking part in rigorous eLearning programmes. All teachers across the Wellington College China group of schools have used a myriad of advanced technologies to ensure that children are being delivered a best in-class eLearning experience through an integrated learning platform. This learning platform includes their online learning plan and timetable, online classroom, video lessons, live interactive instruction, online assignments and individual feedback, as well as one-on-one tutoring for those pupils who require more careful guidance.

In doing our best to replicate the unique Wellington approach to holistic education, a wide range of additional resources and services have been rolled out to make the delivery of eLearning not just a temporary solution to a problem, but a robust, enjoyable and rigorous educational provision that will ensure our pupils continue to thrive throughout this challenging time.

Even PE lessons have remained, with the PE department diligently recording the required activities and monitoring pupil progress.

In such a short time, Wellington and Huili schools around China appear to have achieved the impossible. We have moved the entire curriculum to a smooth, online delivery that maintains face to face contact and helps children not only educationally, but also socially and emotionally as they navigate this difficult time with their parents.

Please be reminded that our team remains in place and ready to be contacted at any time. Below is a list of useful contacts, should you need to communicate with the school;

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Laura Liang, EA to Principal



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For existing parents with questions about eLearning, please contact your child’s teacher through TChat