ASAs Updates

It is brilliant to watch and listen to pupils experiencing new activities, buzzing with excitement as they get ready for the unknown of a new ASA session. It has been pleasing to witness pupil involvement in activities such as Touch Rugby, Dancing, Singing and Drama to name but a few. Having over 130 activities each week, it is nearly impossible to visit all of the activities and observe all the powerful and positive interactions by the pupils, the collaborative taking place in soft skills, the project management in creating a newspaper; the perserverance in music; all being important elements that fit within and promote the Wellington values.

I believe that being an active participant in ASAs give you essential skills that are important for the next stages after leaving school. Having the opportunity to experience these activities will give our pupils more know-how, make them more open minded and therefore desirable when applying for top university places or internships with global businesses.

We are currently in the planning stages for the Block 2 activities. We are constantly listening to comments from pupils, parents and staff in terms of making minor adjustments to the activities, bringing new activities on line, and resourcing activities differently.

It was so pleasing to meet Lola and Daniel last week at our inaugural ASA committee meeting. They will play an important role in feeding back to the pupils the improvements we have made, and the reason why we have made certain decisions. Their first task will be to survey other pupils on their opinions and provide feedback to myself as CCA Co-ordinator and other leadership staff within the school.

I am really looking forward to the next block and the exciting activities staff will be undertaking – such as those Ms. Gaul is pursuing with her performing arts team. These will form a strong foundation for future productions and performances, helping the pupils take their performing art talents to the next level.