ASAs Updates| Block 2 Activities

ASAs provide many excellent learning opportunities for the pupils, whether this is finding out about a new activity, developing collaborative skills, building perseverance, or advancing their project management abilities. These essential skills can be often overlooked when considering the main theme of the activity. It is important for pupils to bear this in mind when involving themselves in the tasks set. The abilities they develop and refine will help them in later life, whether it is in running a business, managing global meetings, or saving people’s lives on an operating table. The more successful and accomplished they are with the skills they develop here, the better the outcomes will be for them and others as they go through life.

Our program consists of a range of activities and I cannot wait to visit each activity we offer.  Our dedicated staff have been working hard to tweak and adapt the old activities and resourcing new and exciting activities. I know Ms. Gaul and Ms. Fong are very excited about all the Performing Arts activities and have some amazing ideas for future school productions and performances.

The introduction of Ms. Donkin and Mr. Long into the sport element of the ASA program is a very good addition and being able to offer specific female sports coaching from two highly experience coaches will be excellent for building a strong foundation for our girl’s after-school sport programmes.

In addition to the increased number of sports activities being offered, the addition of Ms. Hou, one of the school’s synchronized swimming coaches, along with her vast knowledge and high technical understanding will benefit pupils greatly. I believe it will not be long before our pupils will be competing in regional events as a result of her elite level of coaching.

All of us at Wellington College International Hangzhou value and place emphasis on taking responsibility though service to others and the charity tasks Ms. Wang managed over Block 1 with the pupils will continue to grow as the year progresses.

It was pleasing to witness pupils proactively emptying the recycling boxes that we have in various parts of the school. As a school we are very keen for this to continue and look forward to seeing our pupils increasing their commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Showing perseverance and determination can be demonstrated through the pupil’s commitment to their activities throughout each week and I will be taking a strong interest in the students who regularly go above and beyond to make the most of these important opportunities.