Tuition Fees

Here is an overview of our fee schedule for 2019-20.

Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Year Group Annual Fee Michaelmas Term Lent Term Summer Term
Years 1-6 RMB 268,000 RMB 112,560 RMB 84,420 RMB 84,420
Years 7-8 RMB 281,000 RMB 118,020 RMB 88,515 RMB 88,515

The above fees will cover day-to-day tuition, the use of text and library books, public examination fees, basic stationery and general educational materials, appropriate to the particular year group. They also cover sports, physical education, attending compulsory field trips and educational visits and participating in the vast majority of the co-curricular activities (save for a small number of activities for which there is a nominal charge). The tuition fee does not include the costs of school lunches, uniform or transportation. The following will also be charged separately:

  • individual music instrumental tuition; and
  • trips and events where participation is voluntary.

Sibling Discount

We offer a sibling discount of 5% for the third child and 10% for the fourth child.

Boarding Fees

Annual Fee Michaelmas Term  Lent Term Summer Term
RMB 41,200 RMB 17,300 RMB 12,980 RMB 12,980

Other Fees

1. Application Fee: RMB 2,000

The application fee is non-refundable and only valid for the academic year of the initial application. The fee is payable when the pupil’s application is submitted and is required prior to the sitting of the entrance tests and interview.

2. Resource Fee: RMB 18,000

The resource fee is a supplementary fee payable on acceptance to the College to support the initial investment of educational resources. The resource fee for 2019–20 is RMB 18,000. This fee is held by the College to ensure that College property including: books, reference materials, IT equipment, science equipment and other academic and co-curricular resources are duly returned to the College in satisfactory condition. The resource fee will be refunded to parents/guardians after the return of College property and deduction of any reimbursement due to damage to the College property and deduction of any outstanding tuition fees payable to the College.

3. Meal Fee

All pupils are required to eat school lunches, except for those who have special exceptions, such as religious or medical reasons.

Year Group Breakfast* Lunch Dinner*
Years 1-6 RMB 15 – RMB 17 RMB 30 RMB 30
Years 7-8 RMB 16 – RMB 18 RMB 31 RMB 31

* Breakfast and Dinner fees are for boarding pupils only

Final meal fees will be determined by, and paid directly to the catering company.

4. College Bus Service: RMB 19,000 per year

The College bus service is optional. The annual bus fee is RMB 19,000 payable to the College. Annual payment enjoys a 5% discounted rate compared with fees paid termly. Termly fees are as follows:

Annual Fee Michaelmas Term Lent Term Summer Term
RMB 19,000 RMB 7,980 RMB 5,985 RMB 5,985

A detailed list of current routes can be obtained from the College website: Please note that the bus fee is generally non-refundable for the remainder of the term once the school bus service has commenced.

5. College Uniform: RMB 3,500 per full set (approximate cost)

All pupils are expected to be smart, tidy and business-like in their College attire. The cost of a full set of uniform is approximately RMB 3,500. Items can be purchased separately throughout the year. All uniform items and accessories are available for purchase at the school shop, payment is made directly to the uniform provider (with the fapiao also being issued by them). The uniform lists for the different sections of the College can be obtained from the College website:

Click here to download a PDF version of the Schedule of Fees.