EAL Programme

EAL Programme

We want to ensure that every pupil can successfully access all elements of our curriculum, regardless of their level of English language skill when they first arrive. Therefore, we have developed a strong yet flexible EAL curriculum designed to support all pupils – from complete beginners who are who are just starting to discover the language, the those who are already proficient in speaking and learning in English.

Upon arrival, we ensure that each new pupil is evaluated in all areas of their English language capacity: reading, writing, speaking and listening, to ensure that we place them in the most appropriate ability grouping where they will be able to progress most effectively.

Our teachers are experienced language educationalists and focus on the development of English skills regardless of the activity or subject being taught. Whether they are competing on the sports field, performing on the stage, enjoying leisure time in the playground or learning in the classroom, Wellingtonians quickly acquire the skills needed to become linguistically confident in all aspects of the English language.

EAL lessons are taught parallel to literacy and phonics classes to ensure that pupils are learning in a way that best suits them. The curriculum is designed to ensure that children develop their knowledge and understanding of everyday language and its use, as well as the key components of the English National Curriculum; ensuring that when they exit the programme and return to their class, no time is lost in getting back into the flow of the mainstream classroom.

EAL support is provided, both with 1:1 targeted support in the lessons or through small group and 1:1 withdrawal by specialised English language teachers. This ensures that provision is bespoke and that pupils are not out of class during important whole class teaching times. Additionally, a wide range of resources are used to support and develop pupils in this age range, such as classroom-based teaching assistants (TA). Classroom teaching assistants undertake courses in supporting EAL learners in order to fully understand how children develop as language learners and remain on-hand to give additional attention to those pupils who need it.

Above all, classroom teachers make accommodation in their planning and differentiate classroom tasks suitably to ensure that all pupils access the curriculum at the level most appropriate to their language needs.

Within upper Prep, pupils are placed into subject-specific classes. EAL is taught in place of modern languages, either Spanish or French. We also continue to offer 1:1 targeted support in classes.

EAL lessons in these year groups are focused closely on real pupil needs, to ensure that they are being supported to access a very high standard of academic rigour across the College; thereby maximising progression in all subject areas.

At IGCSE we also identify a small number of pupils who may be more suited to undertake a broader range of examinations which best fit their needs, such as the Cambridge Language Exams, First Certificate English (FCE) or second language English IGCSE. Similarly, we are able to tailor their IGCSE courses to ensure that they receive more EAL support as required. As with all EAL provision, this is undertaken on a case-by-case basis in conjunction with class teachers.


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