Wellington Identity

Our vision is to inspire pupils to become intellectual, independent, individual and inclusive; our Wellington identity. This will be based on a model of holistic education and pastoral provision that establishes the values, skills and knowledge needed to be an effective global citizen. We aim to prepare pupils for success during and beyond life at the College.

We aspire to create a caring, learning community that develops well-rounded individuals with strong values and the skills and identity to thrive within an ever-changing world.

Wellington Identity


We provide a learning environment in which students are:

United – through the values of kindness, courage, integrity, respect and responsibility to engage positively and proactively within the school community and beyond.

Progressive – the community is committed to continuously developing and improving in all that it does so that pupils can thrive in terms of academic progress and personal development.

Well-rounded – this is achieved through a broad offering of curricular and extracurricular opportunities underpinned by the Wellington values and identity.



What do we want Wellingtonians to be and to become? These five characteristics describe the Wellington identity.

Wellington Identity

We want Wellingtonians to have been genuinely excited by everything they have done during their time at the College. They will have developed a zest for life so that they, in turn, go into the world ready and able to inspire others. This is the core pillar of the Wellington Identity.


Wellingtonians must move into the world with the ability to think critically and to engage in deep learning. They will be able to study beyond the bounds of any curriculum, to be inquisitive and ask questions of everything around them, and be imbued with a lifelong love of learning.

Wellington Identity

Wellingtonians will develop the personal, cognitive, social and study skills to enable them to cope with the challenges of university and their lives beyond. They will adapt, cope and thrive within an ever-changing world. This will be reflected in our academic curriculum, our co-curricular programme, our commitment to the coaching philosophy, and our continued focus of character development and leadership.

Wellington Identity

The aim of a Wellington education is to allow pupils to develop themselves fully in every sense, knowing that interested children become interesting adults. The pastoral care and focus on pupil wellbeing at the College will value each and every pupil as a unique individual. The journey to individuality will also be reflected in the broad curricular and co-curricular opportunities, where every pupil discovers and develops fully their talents, passions and interests, knowing that interested children become interesting adults.

Wellington Identity

Wellingtonians will leave the College, not in a bubble of elitism, privilege and exclusivity, but with the moral values and social conscience to serve others and do good in life. This inclusivity includes a strong pride in coeducation, and a commitment to internationalism through the A-Level and a service programme unrivalled in schools.





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