The Wellington Values

The Wellington Values

These values continue to underpin the conversations we have with pupils, the messaging we give in assemblies, and are embedded at the heart of our rewards and sanctions at the College. They encapsulate how we want Wellingtonians to be.

Courage: the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation. To take calculated risks in the pursuit of goodness.

Respect: a positive feeling of esteem for a person, group, entity or quality, resulting in acting with fairness. This can include Self-respect: which involves not compromising one’s values just to gain approval from others.

Integrity: consistency and authenticity. Acting in consort with one’s values or beliefs.

Kindness: showing consideration for others and acting selflessly for their benefit.

Responsibility: being reliable, dependable and accountable for one’s conduct. Fulfilling a duty. Acknowledging the need to serve the communities in which we operate.