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Vision and Mission

The Wellington Academy Programme seeks to provide Wellington pupils, and those from the wider community, a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and play in a way that promotes the Wellington identity and values. By engaging in our programmes, pupils will have the opportunity to imbue the Wellington Values and develop the Wellington Identity. This ensures that the offer in the Wellington Academy

Programme is consistent with all our colleges

Wellington Values Wellington Identity










Our aim is to make use of the world class facilities we have here in a Wellington campus so that pupils do not have to leave the setting that their parents know and trust in order to have access to all of the after school sports and activities they wish. Pupils will be taught by coaches and teachers with incredible experience and expertise. Many of our coaches and teachers have reached the pinnacle in their chosen fields and we are proud that they can share their experience with Academy students.

Parents bring their children into the college from outside the Wellington community because they want their children to experience the best on offer from the expertise of our coaches and teachers, through to the outstanding facilities and resources on site. Our innovative programme continues to grow and develop in order to ensure we offer the very best experience to all our pupils and families.

The Wellington Academy Programme will be operational in Hangzhou in the 2018-2019 academic year. Full information and access to the Wellington Academy Programme website will be available in due course. For now, the Wellington Academy Programme in Shanghai can be used as a reference: