2018 Chinese New Year Greeting from Wellington College China

The full moon indicates that spring festival celebrations are near and that we will soon usher in the year of the dog. People born in the year of the dog are believed be loyal, sincere, hold high levels of integrity and a strong sense of responsibility. These traits resonate with the Wellington College values.

Values are as important in 2018 as they were 159 years ago when Wellington College was founded. Indeed, it is our values that determine who we are and influences the impact that we have on the world. An education that places values at the centre of a child’s journey in learning and development should be an expectation.

The Wellington College values of courage, respect, integrity, kindness and responsibility, are features of life across the Wellington College China family of schools. They are promoted in all aspects of the curriculum and pastoral provision and serve as a reference point in helping to guide the decisions made and behaviours exhibited. In fact, they form the basis on which we incorporate individuals into our community, whether a pupil, parent or staff member. Holding the Wellington College values central to all that we do and aspire to be is fundamental to our educational model. We each aspire to uphold those traits associated with the year of the dog.

On behalf of Wellington College China, we hope you enjoy wonderful spring festival celebrations and a peaceful and prosperous year of the dog.