Celebrating Children’s Day with Fun Learning Activities

In the blink of an eye, another year has come and gone. Unlike last year, we were unable to hold our annual Summer Carnival due to COVID-19 and restrictions on large gatherings. Nevertheless, we still took advantage of the opportunity to share in the joy that comes as being a member of our caring and close-knit community while adhering to health and safety guidelines. On Monday 1st June, Wellington College International Hangzhou held a small-scale, yet fun and meaningful event to celebrate Children’s Day.

Children’s Day is known for being full of fun activities. In 2020, our children have experienced unprecedented turmoil and disruption to their lives and daily routines, so the community wanted to give them an opportunity to take a break and just enjoy being kids again. We brought several game machines directly to our campus and built a mini arcade in the Wellington common room. Our games and activities included the classic test-of-strength game, basketball, table hockey, foosball and a photo booth. Pupils were separated by year levels so that everyone could enjoy playing with their peers and challenge one another in friendly competition.

Our Years 1 to 3 pupils had a wonderful time with two special visitors – a clown and a magician – who popped into their classrooms for thrilling performances. The clown showed off her skills and engaged the pupils in her act, creating a joyous environment and raucous laughter. The magician surprised and amazed the pupils with his talented tricks even taught them some of his magic at the end of his performance. The joy in the classrooms was evident as our pupils enthusiastically clapped and cheered for both of the morning’s special visitors.