Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!

“We should think about our schools as laboratories for our brain. How do we use data, Artificial Intelligence, neurology, biology, psychology and all of these things to maximize the way the brain works? Schools should be about teaching us how to adapt, and then we will adapt throughout life.”
- Brett Schilke
 Director of Impact at Singularity University
Keynote Speaker of  Education Festival 2020
 Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
The fourth education revolution is changing the world, particularly in the realm of education, leaving industry leaders wondering: What will happen to the education sector in the foreseeable future?
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
Sir Anthony Seldon, previous Master of Wellington College in England from 2006 to 2015, published a book in 2018 that sought to address the artificial elephant in the room: The Fourth Education Revolution: Will Artificial Intelligence liberator infantilise humanity?
In this book, Sir Anthony Seldon discusses how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies could be introduced into the education sector to deliver a more personalised approach to education – one that is responsive to students’ needs. By chance, this year’s Festival of Education in China will have a focus on how educators can integrate technologies from the AI era into their teaching to help students learn and adapt to the future of society.

Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
Sir Anthony Seldon
speaks at the first Festival of Education
hosted by Wellington College China in 2015
Educators and industry professionals are having more conversations about AI and other emerging technologies from a real-world, present-day perspective than they ever have before. The future is here, and schools are readying themselves to embrace technological change.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
The 21st century has seen many education innovators leading industry reforms and transformations around the world. Singularity University is one of the institutions at the forefront of education innovation; it is considered a pioneer in the field and represents a worldwide trend toward digital transformation in education.
Co-founded by Google and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Singularity University is another innovative education institute on the rise. The university does not grant degrees to its students, instead providing unique programmes to university graduates and corporate executives. It is the institute’s aim to “accelerate technologies,” and nurture future leaders to solve real-world problems by utilising technology.
In an age when technological innovation and enhancement is constant, many internationally-renowned education institutes are beginning to shift their future focus toward reshaping their understanding and use of technology in education. It is obvious that technological transformation in education has become a global trend and will continue to evolve in the future. This ever-changing environment therefore draws us to another question: As educators ourselves, how can we keep up with the accelerating rate of change – how do we not fall behind?
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
Rapid technological development has changed the way humans acquire knowledge. As an established innovator in the education sector in China, Wellington College China believes that integrating education and technology will be a major global trend in the coming years, and is therefore committed to embracing emerging technologies within the College campuses.
Last month, Wellington College International Tianjin became the first international Microsoft Showcase School in China. Microsoft Showcase Schools are a global community of schools engaged in digital transformation. As a Microsoft Showcase School, Wellington College International Tianjin will have access to some of Microsoft’s best technological innovations and be given the opportunity to host and attend events related to innovative education transformation.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!Larry Nelson, General Manager of Education for Microsoft Asia Pacific
visits Wellington College Intenrational Tianjin

Giving young people a solid foundation of digital knowledge while still in school will set them up for great success in the future. Wellington College China is very excited to be embracing a strategy that gears its teachers and school leaders toward successful digital transformation, and we are confident this will facilitate technological innovation within the College’s sister schools.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
In a world that is constantly adapting to social, economic, environmental, and technological changes, understanding how to adapt and integrate change into daily teaching has become an important topic of conversation and debate. It is for this reason Wellington College China has invited a number of remarkable guests to host workshops and presentations relating to the theme of this year’s Festival of Education: ‘The future of education’.
Without further ado, let’s have a look at this year’s three keynote speakers:
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!Brett Schilke
Director of Impact at the University of Singularity in Silicon Valley

Brett is a globally-recognised expert on the future of learning and the future of work, who currently leads and develops initiatives to redesign the global K-12 education system at Singularity University.
He is the co-creator of the City X Project, a problem-solving, design, and engineering course for kids that is used in more than 75 countries and nationwide in China.
Brett’s first book with Rockport Publishers, Adventures in Engineering for Kids, will be released in May 2020.
An education innovator and community instigator, Brett will discuss reshaping learning to prepare children and adults to positively impact our world during the Festival of Education this year.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
Greg Chivers
Novelist and TV Producer
A factual television producer best known as the showrunner for ‘NASA’s Unexplained Files,’ and ‘What on Earth?’ on the Science Channel, Greg has more recently focused on writing; his debut novel The Crying Machine is a thriller that links power, religion, and artificial intelligence.
The Crying Machine imagines new political factions of the future and asks some thought-provoking questions about how far humanity’s obsession with technology should go.
With more than 20 years of experience in documentary-making and now writing, Greg is likely to inspire audiences at the Festival of Education to think about their own use of technology and how it can be implemented (but not exploited) for the betterment of humanity.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!Dr Andy Cope
 Author, Teacher, and Wellbeing expert

A best-selling author, teacher, and happiness expert, Dr Andy Cope has spent the last 15 years researching happiness, wellbeing, and human flourishing.
He has worked with some very large businesses including Microsoft, DHL, Kellogg, Hewlett Packard, IKEA, and Marriott Hotels. The ‘Dr of Happiness’ is a sought-after keynote speaker and has previously been featured in The Telegraph, Daily Mail, and Esquire.
Understanding the importance of human emotion and wellbeing in education is key to the success of any student; understanding the role this plays in relation to technology and its use in schools is a topic worth exploring in depth. Dr Andy Cope will bring his unique expertise and opinion on the subject to this year’s Festival of Education.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!

The Wellington College China Festival of Education originates from the Festival of Education held by Wellington College in England. Since its inauguration in October 2015, the China Festival has enjoyed similar success. Large numbers of participants attend this annual event to take part in workshops and conversations that relate to the biggest and most important questions facing modern education.
The evolution of education is a process that is constantly being revised, reviewed, and renewed, and the Festival of Education aims to remain a relevant and effective part of that process. We hope the Festival will show the same positive development every year, and experts from around the world can gain insights and observe trends in the industry together through this very special platform.
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!

The fifth annual Wellington College China Festival of Education will take place at our Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Tianjin campuses on 11-12 April, 12-13 April, and 18 April 2020 respectively.

As a benchmark international education event the Festival is open to the public and welcomes attendees from all walks of life who are passionate about the education industry and identify with the Wellington values.
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Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
Festival of Education 2020 | Keynote Speakers!
The Festival of Education offers exhibition opportunities to external social and educational organisations. Interested parties can choose from holding a showcase to partaking in various forms of commercial collaboration. Wellington College China hopes to provide a platform for fellow educators and professionals in the community to connect, interact, and help shape the industry for the future.
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