10th Festival of Education in UK

The 10th Festival of Education was held at Wellington College, Berkshire UK on the 20th – 21st June 2019. It is the largest and most prestigious event that attracts educators from across the UK and beyond. Headline speakers included ministers responsible for education, leading researchers and a wide variety of celebrities and renown educators. The event attracted around 5000 attendees who left inspired and challenged in their thinking about education. 10th Festival of Education in UK   The Wellington College China Institute of Learning (IoL) contributed to the event through a strand focusing on international education. Presentations and workshops were led by IoL directors focusing on:
  • An introduction to international education: A focus on China
  • Leading learning in the context of international and bilingual education
  • Integrating Shanghai maths into international education
  • The importance of wellbeing and involvement in promoting language acquisition in a bilingual context
10th Festival of Education in UK Each of the sessions were well attended reflecting the growing interest in international education, particularly in China. (http://educationfest.co.uk/) Positive feedback as:
I just wanted to say thank you for your session earlier, it was great to hear you speak and share some of the work you are doing within your school and across Shanghai. It’s wonderful to hear inspiring work and the impact it’s having, thank you for sharing it this morning.
Contributing to the Festival of Education represents the authentic and active partnership between Wellington College in England and the schools in China. Furthermore, it represents the committed of Wellington College China to act relentlessly to enhance and innovate educational practice to maximising the opportunities for the 4,000 pupils that attend their schools in China. The IoL plays a central role in supporting the Wellington College China schools in developing their practice through providing professional learning opportunities and research designed to inform policy and practice. The IoL will be offering members of the education community in China and beyond to attend professional learning opportunities offered by the IoL in the coming academic year through:
  • Two Inspiring Learning conferences
  • A series of workshops

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